image Why some pilgims wake up and start getting ready at 5:15 in the morning is beyond me, especially when the convent are handing out a free breakfast at 7:00. image Today we walked just 22.2 km, 23.4 when factoring in the climbs and arrived in Villar de Mazariffe at 12:30 pm. image Along the way today we came across a guy giving away free food, coffee and fresh orange juice to passing pilgrims, donations only, which really cool! The landscape is starting to get a little more hilly as we approach Astorga, which I expect to reach tomorrow. From where I am now to Astorga is about 32 km. My blisters are healing well, as is my right leg. However I am a bit concerned about the latter, 32km is a long way and the path is becoming more hilly. Downhill is the worse. We are cooking ourselves this evening and a few friends have turned up in the abergue so it will be a great evening I am sure. I have made a white bean cassolette and will also make a simple tomato salade with some large greenish tomatoes we managed to get. image