image Although last night’s curfew was was midnight instead of the usual 22:00 I was in bed well before then. Today we have moved to a convent just off of a really beautiful old square, where the curfew is a respectable 22:30. This is not as daft as it may sound when you tend to wake up and leave really early. image Tomorrow I will probably move on to Villar de Mazarife, and will take the more scenic of two possible routes. image Thankfully for some, this vast flat region will become a thing of the past as the terrain becomes more mountainous again as the path climbs towards Cruz de Ferro and then on to O’Cebreiro in Galicia(!) and beyond, but first Astorga which I hope to reach in two days time by and feet allowing. image Because I am staying for two days in León to rest my leg and foot, some friends are now one full day or more ahead of me, while others are still one or more days behind me. Every day I meet new people, sometimes there is a chemistry, but not always. This mornings farewell with one fellow pilgrim was particularly difficult I think, especially for her as she was torn between staying a second day in León or moving on with two other companions. image