image Hopefully I will arrive in León today where I plan to stay two nights. The first night at the municipal allbergue and the second night at a monistery up in the centre near the cathedral. I have heard that most of the private accomodation is full, I suppose because it is easter, so I hope that I can find a bed for the night as I doubt that I will be able to walk to the next town with my foot and leg in the state they are currently in. Still, its now 6:15 I am ready to boogie! I am just waiting for signs of life in the albergue as I don’t want to be the one who wakes everybody up! It’s 2° outside, my rucksack is packed and I am just waiting for Frederico and Mary-Rose (who did a great job with the blisters my foot!) to get ready. I came across a great bakers shop yesterday that also do coffee so we will take breakfast there. image The walk to León was pretty much as expected with few highlights if any. My right leg started to hurt like hell at around 11 a.m. as did the blisters on my left foot, especially the one underneath my foot. I was pleased to arrive I can tell you. My companions and I ended up at the San Francisco albergue as it turned out that the municipal albergue near the river closed down in 2012. The room that we are sharing feels to us like a 3 star hotel. The room has just two bunk beds and has its own private toilet and shower! Tomorrow we will spend a second night in the other municipal albergue up near the cathedral, no doubt in a large dormitory. image The city is pretty crowded and has a festival atmosphere as it is easter. image After a visit to the cathedral my companions and I watched one of the parades, intermittently poping into a pinchos bar for a drink and a snack. image Later on we watch a second parade. image The number of people out on the streets and the atmosphere were incredible! image As a special treat we ended up in an excellent Michelin listed restaurant where we shared a starter of Leónaise specialities; chorizo, a kind of beef ham and tongue. The chorizo was absolutely fantastic and the toungue was nearly as good as kissing! I chose spring lamb with potatoes and pepers for my main. Mmmmm spring lamb. (drooling and Homer Simpson gurgle here). The festivities went on all night. image Well, I have now walked some 462 km and what feels like a lifetime ago since setting out from SJPDP and I really looking forward to a well earned break! Tomorrow, well actually later today:) there will be another huge parade. The people of León sure know how to put on a party and celebrate easter! image