image Somebody asked me on Tuesday why I was planning to cook. I answered “because it’s Thursday and that I had promised that I would cook on Thursday”. What I didn’t explain is why Thursday and why cook at all. The reason that I chose Thursday is personal and is in part connected to my camino. The question why cook? Well, I find that to be a daft question. Cooking in a albergue is cheaper than eating out, except for the cook maybe;-). Cooking in the aubergine has nothing to do with saving money for me. More importanty it brings people together in very a special way. There is shopping to be done. And then there is the preparation and cooking itself, and after eating there is the clearing up and the dished to be done. What I am saying is that most of the participants of the meal get involved in the preparation of it in one way or another, it becomes a team effort. Because of this such meals are great fun! This is the main reason I cook from time to time in the albergue. image Each morning, one by one, we wake up and fumble around in the dark. Getting our few belongings together and then get dressed. Then its a quick wash. Some pilgrims eat breakfast in the albergue, while others go out looking for breakfast in the current town or village. Others eat breakfast in the first village along the way that has a bar that is open. image Many pilgrims set out walking upright and at a good pace. By the end of the day everybody’s feet are sore and most of us have the pilgrims waddle! As today’s will involve a fairly short walk of just under 20 km I am hoping that my waddle won’t be too bad today. image After having finished todays walk I am now in the municipal alburgue in the lovely little town of Mansilla de las Mullas. The people that run this albergue are absolutely amazing! My left foot is a bit knackered at the moment as I have now three blisters on it and a toe that has doubled in thickness. My right leg is still swolen but hasn’t got any worse. Needless to say, I have developed a pretty fancy pilgrims waddle. image As it is Good Friday and most of the shops are closed, but this being Spain, the bars and restaurants remain open. This evening there was an easter parade in the town, after which I had diner with a few friends. image