image Today’s 31 km walk was pretty boring in many respects, especially the flat landscape to which it seems there is no end. One consolation though, is that for several days now I have had a really clear few of the snow capped Picos de Europa in the distant north. Also, I reached the halfway point to Santiago today! Admittedly this was not the halfway point to my own final destination, but I felt a real sence of achievement. image The swelling on my leg hasn’t got any worst, but I have developed a swollen vein just beneath the original swelling that hurts like hell. At the advice of one of my walking companions| I will buy a support stocking at the first chance I get, but I will have to wait as the apothecary is closed today for easter thursday(!), viva Espagne! Also, I am planning a couple of short 20 km walking days, but will hopefully still arrive in Léon on Saturday where I plan to stay for two nights so I can rest my leg a wee bit. Yes yes, I know, I said the same thing in Burgos and also in Pamplona, but this time I must, unless another miracle occurs… Don’t get me wrong though, apart from the pain I am enjoying every minute of the camino, and I wouldn’t change anything for the world! Also, I know that my leg will get better soon. image Tonight the ‘famous’ Leidse dish Hutspot came home! Under difficult conditions I may add, i.e. a crappy kitchen and the shops were closed. Together with a few friends I cooked dinner again. Hutspot, although a traditional Dutch dish, has its roots in Spain. The funny thing was, that while I was cooking the dish, the Spanish guy running the albergue where I am staying started to offer me advice on how to cook it! Anyway, the dish turned out really well, I think, even without the beef that I couldn’t buy as the butcher was closed. However, I did spice it up with a wee bit of some fantastic cheese and bacon! Which I suppose is the real essence of hutspot. I.e. boil anything to hand, to death, but make sure it tastes really good! image