image Last night I splashed out 14 euros for a private room at the monistery in which I stayed so, apart from the painfully swolen leg, I feel great today! image After a wee bit of breakfast consisting of coffee and pan chocolate I was on the road again. image I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Spanish people around here, otherwise you might be led to believe that the area I am walking through is actually in the Netherlands. Maybe the Dutch landscape is was attracted the Spanish to the Netherlands in the first place, but I doubt it. luckily for me the Spanish did invade though as this became the catalyst for the creation of Nederlands first university. 🙂 Some of my fellow pilgrims are struggling to appreciate the true beauty of this region we are now in, and find it really boring. I on the other hand, have the advantage of living in the Netherlands much of my adult life and have learned to aprereciate the true beauty and the feeling of space that a flat landscape has to offer. image I was supposed to cook dinner tonight, but the I an stayibg at albergue doesn’t have a kitchen, so tomorrow will gave to do. Had a nice dinner though, lentil soup followed by rabbit stew abd chips. Desert was cold custard with a soggy buscuit floating about in it. 9ne great thing today, I met up eith one or two ‘old’ friends which was great! image Today I was faced with a stark choice! To go up or to go on. Needless to say I choose the latter… And last but not least, we’ve got a right snorer in here tonight.