image There was a lot of snoring and farting going on in the dormitory last night I can tell you! The owner of this Albergue must have a really strange sense of humour. The bean soup we all had for dinner yesterday evening has worked its magic thats for sure. I will skip the details about the air quality in the dormitory right now, other than to say that I will be glad when its 6 pm so I can get if out of bed. image Well, as soon as 6:00 am arrived I was up and away, before breakfast in fact. It was pitch black outside once I had left the village so I used my head lamp to find my way. It was cold too, and I looked forward the the warmth of the first rays of sunshine. image I stopped for breakfast about 6 km further along the path at Frómista and guess who I ran into? Alberto Mura and Gianni Mura! I hadn’t seen them for a few days. image I didn’t mention this earlier, but I banged my shin a couple of days ago and I am becoming a bit concerned as my leg has become swolen and after a few hours walking each day the pain becomes unbearable. The painkillers I gave with me dull the pain a little, but hardly enough. If I can reach Leon on Saturday the I will stay there a couple if days, see a doctor and rest my leg. Anyway, thats enough whining! image The sun is shining, I have had a shower and have splashed out 14 euros for a private room in an eight hundred year old monistery. Two wall sockets to myself so I can recharge my camera’s batteries AND more importantly no snoring add farting! Sheer unadulterated luxury… image As I get closer to Sandiago more pilgrim routes are merging into one, so walking a whole stage with just a handfull of pilgrims has become a thing of the past. Also its holy week and the camino has become quite busy. Many Spaniards walk a section of the way each year during holy week. No doubt things will quiten down a wee bit after easter. I have been invited by my Korean and Japanese friends to a different albergue to the one I am staying in for dinner tonight. We are gaving pasta, so I wonder if the Alberto and Giani are involved! image