image After a great evening in good company and a good night’s sleep I am on the road again. Today will be a hilly climb of about 27 km and I plan to add an extra 6 km to the stage to enable me to arrive in Burgos at around midday tomorrow. image During the past three days I have spent much of the time walking alone. However I ran into a couple of fellow pilgrims when I stopped in St. Juan de Ortega for lunch. The Burgos region is famous for its black pudding (blood sausage), and you know the saying, when in Rome… Another regional dish is garlic soup, made from garlic, hot peppers, stale bread eggs and water and as I found out this evening, very delicious it is too. image Along the way I came accross as Spanish pilgrim who was traveling with his donkey and his dog. The man e plained to me that was camping, a brave soul considering the night temparature which has been close to freezing. I think he also said that the donkey knows the way to Santiago, either that or the donkey is travelling on its own to Santiago. As the former seems more plausible I will assume that is what he said. image Yesterday I started to develop my first blister and this evening I threaded a needle and thread through it to drain the fluid overnight. Tomorrow morning I will take out the thread and tape the blister up. Hopefully this should deal with it. I am now just a short 20 km walk from Burgos. Although I am not looking forward to the walk through the suberbs, I am really looking forward to seeing the old centre of the city. image