image Have you ever spent a night in a room with all the windows closed with 41 other people breathing, snoring, farting and tossing and turning? Not to menion the aroma of pilgrim, a strange sweet sickly smell mixed in with the smell of Spanish foot and muscle creams that smells a bit like old fashioned germolean cream. Well I did last night. Funny thing is, that apart from the splitting headache I slept rather well. image The headache went as soon as fresh air hit my nostrils. I was ready to roll. I won’t bore you with the details of the day, other than to say that I walked 22 km and arrived at the albergue at 12:30 pm. Oh, I saw a whole bunch of delapidated building in various stage of their metamorphosis along the way, something I really enjoy looking at. image Tomorrow’s walk may be more intersting, especially if the albergue at my destination is closed, as I have heard it will be. image I had promised to cook this evening and I don’t think I disappointed. Together with a fellow pilgrim called Maria I managed to reduce the cooking time of my ‘quick’ coq au vin rouge recipe to less than two hours! The lady at the butchers shop was amazing, her contribution to the dish was not insignificant. Not only the two chickens were excellant, she cut it into pieces for me thus saving me a lot of time. And the quality bacon, well, I almost wept! image Unfortunatly some of the people I have met these past few days ended up at different albergues this evening, although we managed yo invite our Korean and Japanese friends for dinner, the Mexicans were absent as were the Muros and others. image