image I am beginning to find the morning ritual in the albergue somewhat amusing. Everybody wakes up at round 6:00 a.m. Then proceeds to stumble about in the dark with a little lamp trying not to wake all the other pilgrims. The funny things is that we all do this simultaneously, well, more or less. Why not just turn on the lights! image Today was like no other. Along with a couple of other pilgrims I was planning to extend todays walk by an extra 6 kilometers, but changed my mind because of the weather. Not that I am complaining mind, the walk was amazing, especially once I got up to speed. Not only did it rain today, there was an icy cold wind, a hail storm an in snowed. image Over the past week, several people have for various reasons bowed out of the camino, and over the past three days the remaining members of our camino family have become separated. However it is looking likely that almost everybody will all be together this evening as people show up that I haven’t seen since Sunday of Monday. No doubt there will be a party atmosphere this evening in the albergue. image As the distance for tomorrow’s walk is not so great, I will attempt to cook coq au vin rouge for about 26-20 of my camino vriends and aquantences.