image Today should have been a straight forward 30 km walk, but it turned into quite a journey. image I am pretty well used to rain now, but the weather has been exceptionally wet this year in the Navarra and Rioja regions. Not only has there been a lot of rain, there has also been a lot of snow. The combination of rain and melting snow is overloading the irrigation sysems in the vineyards causing paths to turn into rivers, and rivers into raging torrents. The first problem I came accross was just before I got to Navarette where the path crosses a drainage system The water was about a meter deep in places, but I managed to get through it with dry feet! image I popped into the church in Navarette and paid my euro to turn the lighting on. I wasn’t dissapointed! The path from Navarette to Ventosa was really beautiful and without inccident. The last section from Ventosa to Nájera though, turned out to to be ever worse than the section earlier in the day. This where I ended with a drop of water in my boot. Dispite all the rain, I have really enjoyed the walk today. I covered rhe last 11 km  in under two hours, cosidering the weather and the terain not bad after walking 20 km with a short break in the church abd a half hour coffee break. I am now at the free municiple albergue in Nájera. And have covered well over 200 km since Saint-Pied-de-Port. image