Looking back today has been a good day. Yes, it was a struggle and our feet hurt. The important thing is that we all reached Estella. The ‘group’ that leaves the hostel each morning is becoming more coherent and more determined. image The day started as any other. Wake up or be woken a bit too early, get you gear together, maybe eat something and then. set off. Hoping that your feet won’t get any worse. image I made the mistake for the second time of thinking I would walk for an hour and drink a cup of coffee in the next village, only to discover that there wasn’t a bar open when I arrived. With swolen toes I walked to the next village, and the next… Only after 4.5 hours walking did I find my first cup of coffee of the day, it wa absolutely delicious I may add. My point is why bother focusing on something that may not be there. It only creates tension, hardship and dissapointment. This brings me back to the words of Niebuhr. image