20150315_161050Why is it that when I eat out alone in Paris the waiter always insist on moving me? Even after I have sat down at my allocated table. This time I decided not to argue as the waiter only suggested that I sit at the other side of the table so I would have a better view. In the past, thoughtfulness wasn’t something that sprung to mind when thinking about Parisian waiters.

After a one night stopover in Paris to, among other things, visit the Tour Saint-Jaqcques, I am now speeding towards Saint Jean Pied de Port at 300 kph relaxing to ‘I Vinens Spiel’. My current ETA is about 16:00, so I should have plenty of time to find out what the weather conditions are in the Pyrenees. I will also need to get my credential stamped by the pilgrims office. Without the credential many of the hostels will not allow you to stay the night.