This timelapse (hyperlapse) follows a path trodden by countless generations of pilgrims over the most northerly point of the Pyrenees mountain range. For many pilgrims this acts as the starting point to the Camino de Santiago, for many others only a convergence point of a much larger network of paths spreading out from the borders of europe and beyond, all leading to Santiago de Compestela in Spain. Route details (approx.) 0:12 Saint Jean Pied DePort – Dist: 0km. Elev: 180m 0:43-0:46 Hunto – Dist: 6km. Elev: 400m 0:54-0:57 Fountain – Dist: 7km. Elev: 480m 1:02-1:05 Orrison Auberge – Dist: 10km. Elev: 720m 1:24-1:27 Orrison Peak – Dist: 12km. Elev: 1100m 1:55-1:58 fountain – Dist: 18km. Elev: 1320m 2:19-2:21 Col de Lepoeder – Dist: 21km. Elev: 1450m 2:39 Roncesvalles – Dist: 25km. Elev: 950m via Camino de Santiago – Crossing the Pyrenees – YouTube.

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