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Under starters orders!

20150315_161050Why is it that when I eat out alone in Paris the waiter always insist on moving me? Even after I have sat down at my allocated table. This time I decided not to argue as the waiter only suggested that I sit at the other side of the table so I would have a better view. In the past, thoughtfulness wasn’t something that sprung to mind when thinking about Parisian waiters.

After a one night stopover in Paris to, among other things, visit the Tour Saint-Jaqcques, I am now speeding towards Saint Jean Pied de Port at 300 kph relaxing to ‘I Vinens Spiel’. My current ETA is about 16:00, so I should have plenty of time to find out what the weather conditions are in the Pyrenees. I will also need to get my credential stamped by the pilgrims office. Without the credential many of the hostels will not allow you to stay the night.


Today 11 degrees celius in SJPP


Well, the day I leave for Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to walk the Camino de Frances is almost upon me. Over the last few months I have shed a few kilos and done quite a bit of walking to get myself into shape and I am now raring to go.

One of my concerns has, up until recently, been the weather, especially in the Pyrenees this early in the year. However, I have reconciled myself to the fact that I may have to take the Valcarlos route, which is maybe not such a bad thing as I can then split my first day into two days. The camino is not a race after all. Its about the journey and not about how fast, if and when I arrive at my destination.

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Crossing the Pyrenees

This timelapse (hyperlapse) follows a path trodden by countless generations of pilgrims over the most northerly point of the Pyrenees mountain range. For many pilgrims this acts as the starting point to the Camino de Santiago, for many others only a convergence point of a much larger network of paths spreading out from the borders of europe and beyond, all leading to Santiago de Compestela in Spain. Route details (approx.) 0:12 Saint Jean Pied DePort – Dist: 0km. Elev: 180m 0:43-0:46 Hunto – Dist: 6km. Elev: 400m 0:54-0:57 Fountain – Dist: 7km. Elev: 480m 1:02-1:05 Orrison Auberge – Dist: 10km. Elev: 720m 1:24-1:27 Orrison Peak – Dist: 12km. Elev: 1100m 1:55-1:58 fountain – Dist: 18km. Elev: 1320m 2:19-2:21 Col de Lepoeder – Dist: 21km. Elev: 1450m 2:39 Roncesvalles – Dist: 25km. Elev: 950m via Camino de Santiago – Crossing the Pyrenees – YouTube.

Planned route

Below is a map of my intended route, with an emphasis on intended as I am not sure if I will have the time and energy to continue on to Muxia after reaching Santiago de Compostela. Also, it is likely the the Napoleon pas will be closed and that I will have to take the Valcarlos route on stage one.

The first 31 stages of the route below are from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The remaining 6 stages are from Santiago de Compostela to Muxia via Finisterre, the most westerly point of mainland Spain.

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